>fire on the bridge !

>we rolled over the bridge in SF that had just been rebuilt, due to a fire from a vehicle explosion. kablaaamo !!!!
we are in las vegas today. just rocked out in reno last night. much love to maren and our new lovely amazing friends. we had a blast. had a 7 hour drive from reno to las vegas today. i hear that is record time. most peeps take about 8-10 hours. we were flying about 85mph the entire way. no tickets thank god and corgie. anyhoot. heading to sound check in about an hour. our uber duper friend naomi rocked us hard in vegas. we are very happy and yeah yeah yeah too !! i am pretty spaced out. had about 3-4 hours sleep last nite. jumped in the shower and heading out. i don’t remember alot — plenty of hills and desert greens. if ya got it smoke it.
moving right along……we will be back in san fransisco on june 22 @ edinburgh castle…swinging from the vines back down to long beach on june 23. zip zam !
mucho love to b.c. for having us on the pumpkins covers album and big love to all of the fans reaching out !! we love u

“the sun only shines, when you open your eyes”

– martin

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