>Getting ready for a road trip

>Wednesday night and I need to get my things together for our little road trip. We are leaving for SF tomorrow morning. We just found out there’s a flood at the venue. So we are now looking for another venue….Or a ship of some sort..
We once did a show on a ship in West Virginia. It was raining and really cold. The whole stage was wet. But nobody got electricuted.
Just got some excellent gifts this week..”The death of Ivan Ilych” , ” The Kreutzer Sonata” and “hadji Murad” by Tolstoy…. Should be enough to entertain me the next few days. Although I am reading two other books at the moment. I used to not begin a new book until I finished the one I was reading. But there are too many amazing books. And my mind is all over the place…Now I am reading Chesterton and a book abouth Zelda Fitzgerald. LOVE IT !!!
My friend Lex, also mentioned in my last blog, wants me to read an author that’s not dead…hmmmm….


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