>M 5

>so my friend derrick brown (who just opened up for cold war kids in europe doing his poetry thing)is dating the sister of one of the maroon 5 guys. they were flying in for the record release party and since i havent seen him for awhile i met up with them at the shindig. it was bananas! like 2000 people at this place called the lot… open bar, pool tables, air hockey tables, arcade games, guitar hero, tons of food, and did i mention OPEN BAR! so we were outside smoking and chatting when the drummer from the like starts mumbling something to derrick and next thing we know throws her champagne on one of the maroon 5 guys for no reason that any of us could figure out and walks away. then enters some of the american idol rejects followed by blake who had just performed in the last idol show a maroon 5 song and was standing back all freshly high-lighted kinda nervous to meet them. then i see lil jon standing around waiting for people to come up and take their picture with him. i swear he thinks of himself as an attraction… the main attraction. there was such a strange mix of random celebrities there i couldnt help but wonder if that was considered making it when people you dont know but kinda recognize from somewhere show up to your events not because they like what you do, but for the free booze and to get their picture taken on the red carpet. i ending the night kicking some serious ass of some girl that was on the OC for a bit and in a few eps of entourage at air hockey. good times… now i feel like i should at least illegally download the new maroon 5…. na, maybe not.



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